Rosieland Adventure — a modern community building course

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Oh boy, oh boy! 😇

Rosieland is going on an adventure! We're on a mission to help you create, grow, or re-energize your existing communities to make them the happiest and most valuable places on earth.

We all know you can't throw pixie dust on an audience and expect your dream community to come together and thrive. You need a strategy, tactics, and support.

Team Rosieland is here to help.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or you’re looking to re-ignite an existing community, this community course will teach you about the fundamentals of modern-day community building.

We will cover


  • The essential elements of modern communities 
  • Your North Star- get clear on your vision, values and purpose

Studying Your People 

  • Before you can start a community, you need to be clear about who you’re bringing together
  • Develop a process for studying your people so you can clearly identify who you’re bringing together.
  • Strategies for getting to know your current audience or community better

Creating Your Minimum Viable Community (MVC)

  • How to take what you’ve learned from studying your people and create a minimum loveable community strategy
  • Creating a container for your MVC
  • Tools and systems for building your MVC
  • Have a community running already? The MVC framework can help you test activations aimed at increasing connections and engagement. 

Creating Community Habits

  • Inviting founding members (or reconnecting with existing members)
  • Content planning
  • Community curation
  • Building in value
  • Creating connection
  • Checking in on your community
  • Rituals

Building a sustainable business model

  • An overview of business models and where community can fit into your business
  • A look at community goals
  • Examples of how other communities are succeeding

Growing Your Community

  • Strategies for growth, including kindness-driven growth
  • Building a community digital garden
  • Developing a pipeline of connection and value

A community tool kit database of actions, tips, and strategies

Here is the plan

📅 The program starts on March 22nd 2021

6️⃣ The full adventure starts with a 6-week program. Here are the main ways we will teach and gather:

  • 6x Weekly 1-hour workshops on Tuesdays at 4pm EST / 8pm GMT (attend live or watch recordings)
  • 3x every other week 1-hour accountability sessions (after the first six weeks of the course, we’ll support moving to a self-organized group)
  • Other ways we will gather will be informed by the first group of students! 

⚖️ The choose-your-own-adventure version gives you the recordings plus a Notion notebook for guidance.

📈 Prices will go up at the end of January and the end of February.

Who is this for?

This course is ideal for:

  • Creators
  • Indie hackers
  • Founders
  • Marketeers
  • Startups
  • Community builders & managers
  • Anyone who is challenged or inspired to bring people together

And who will be your guides?

Rosie founded and bootstrapped Ministry of Testing, she now leads the community at Indie Hackers.

Danielle has built education and community teams, programs, and operations at Etsy, Airbnb, and Lyft.

Erin stumbled into community building by way of academia and currently works with both early-stage startups and academics.

Ali is an attorney and has helped solo entrepreneurs scale their businesses to multi-6 figures through community.

Leo bootstrapped and sold Everesti, a B2B business (2008 - 2017), now community helper at Indie Hackers.

And finally...

You can pre-order today from $249/$449.

Yours Truly,

☁️ TeamRosieland,

🙌 Rosie Sherry

🙌 Ali Zucker

🙌 Erin Mikail Staples

🙌 Danielle Maveal

🙌 Leo Nagano

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A course to help you create and grow your rosie community.

6 weeks of guided live workshops
Optional accountability sessions
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Rosieland Adventure — a modern community building course

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